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1/31/2011 - Unirac and Canadian Solar Solutions Inc. will partner to offer 30 mw of Canadian Solar's PV systems with Unirac's mounting solutions for residential and commercial rooftop installations throughout Canada.
1/31/2011 - DCNS and OpenHydro have agreed to work together on their marine engineering strengths in the tidal energy market. DCNS acquired an 8% holding in OpenHydro.
1/31/2011 - KBR will provide project management services for the design and construction of the 140 turbine Macarthur Wind Farm in Victoria, Australia. KBR @ geoREstore
1/31/2011 - Southern Sky Renewable Energy plans to build a 5.6 mw solar project in Canton, MA.
1/31/2011 - Power-One opened its Phoenix, AZ manufacturing plant.
1/31/2011 - Pattern Energy Group LP opened a 24/7 wind operations control center in Houston, TX. Pattern Energy @ geoREstore.com
1/31/2011 - Kenya Electricity Generation Co has narrowed the bidders for the 280 mw expansion of the Olkaria geothermal plant. The four companies are Mitsubishi Corp, Toshiba Corp, Alstom SA,and Fuji-Electricity Holding.
1/31/2011 - Pratt & Whitney Power Systems sold three Organic Rankine Cycle units that can generate up to 780 kw of geothermal power to the Jeoden Electricity production project in Turkey.
1/31/2011 - OGE Energy will use FreeWave Technologies wireless radio solutions as a part of the smart grid network.
1/28/2011 - Iberdrola Renewables applied to the North Carolina Utilities Commission for development of the Desert Wind project on 20,000 acres with up to 300 mw of energy. Iberdrola @ geoREstore
1/28/2011 - Detroit Edison will purchase 3.2 mw of electricity produced at the Smiths Creek Landfill from Blue Water Renewables.
1/28/2011 - Republic Services Vasco Road Landfill and Amersco are building a 4.3 mw landfill to gas plant in Livermore, California.
1/28/2011 - Broadrock Renewables will develop a 40 mw landfill gas to energy generating plant at Central Landfill in Johnston, Rhode Island.
1/28/2011 - Suzlon Energy and Caparo Energy have agreed to build 1,000 megawatts of wind power projects in India by 2013, with 500 mw completed by March, 2012. Suzlon @ geoREstore
1/28/2011 - Duke Energy and Sun Edison activated the last 17.2 mw at the Davidson County, N.C. solar project.

1/28/2011 - The 6,000 mw Myitsone hydropower project in Myanmar is planned for completion in 2019.
1/25/2011 - Kauai Island Utility Cooperative agreed to purchase power from the Green Energy Team, LLC biomass project to be located near Koloa, as part of the utility's plans to have 50% of energy from renewable resources by 2023.
1/25/2011 - Going Solar will install 2,200 solar panel on warehouse roofs in the United Kingdom that are expected to generate 500kw of clean energy.
1/25/2011 - Jefferson County Public Schools, Colorado began operation of 600kw solar project, phase one of the 3 mw project.
1/25/2011 - Horizon Wind, is exploring the development of a wind farm in Umatilla County, Oregon that may produce up to 300 mw of energy. Horizon Wind @ GeoREstore
1/25/2011 - Cavico Corp will complete tunnel construction for the Song Giang 1 hydropower plant in Khanh Vinh District, Vietnam that is expected to produce 24 mw of energy.
1/25/2011 - Avista will deploy smart meters to 18,000 residents by May, 2011 as a part of the Pacific Northwest Smart Grid Demonstration Project.
1/24/2011 - The 30 mw Cimarron, New Mexico solar photovoltaic plants is now operational. The facility is a partnership of Southern Company and Turner Renewable Energy and will supply power to the Tri-State Generation and Transmission Association. First Solar will provide operation and maintenance services. Southern Company @ geoREstore
1/24/2011 - Electrovaya Inc has been selected to provide a 1.5 mw lithium ion battery energy storage system for grid storage applications for a US utility. Electrovaya is also partnering with ABB for power conditioning equipment.
1/24/2011 - Pavilion Energy Resources began construction of the 3,000 acre wind farm near Pocatello, Idaho. LA Wind is financing this 80 mw phase. Pavilion Energy @ geoREstore
1/24/2011 - Ram Power acquired a 50% interest in the geothermal rights to 215 acres of Filley Property, part of an identified steam resource for Ram Power's Geysers Geothermal Project in Northern California.
1/24/2011 - Endicott Biofuels has signed an agreement with KMTEX Ltd to construct a 30 million gallon-per-year biorefinery in Port Arthur, Texas. It will use Endicott's G2 Clear biodiesel technology to produce biofuel from waste fats, oils and greases.
1/24/2011 - Pepco Energy Services is constructing a $2.3 million, 352 kw solar project for the US Department of Energy in Germantown, Maryland that is planned for operation in July, 2011. Pepco @ GeoREstore
1/24/2011 - Beacon Power Corporation has energized and interconnected 8 mw of flywheel energy storage at its frequency regulation plant in Stephentown, New York. Beacon Power @ geoREstore
1/24/2011 - Suzlon Energy has secured an order from Martifer Renovaveis to set up, operate and maintain a 104 turbine, 218 mw wind power project in Ceara and Rio Grande do Norte, Brazil expected to go live in June, 2012.
Suzlon @ geoREstore
1/21/2011 - RWE sold its majority stake in a proposed $335 million, 147 MW wind energy project in the southeast Romanian county of Constanta. RWE@geoREstore
1/21/2011 - Minerco Resources signed an agreement with Energia Renovable Hondurenas to acquire the 100 MW Sayab wind farm, located in San Marcos de Colon, Honduras.
1/21/2011 - Iberdrola has canceled plans to sell its Manzana wind project in Southern California to PG&E Corp. Iberdrola@geoREstore
1/21/2011 - Constellation Energy Group Inc. announced plans for two solar power plants that will be subsidized by Maryland state grants; a 750 kw installation in Millersville, Md. and a 500 kw plant at Coppin State University in Baltimore. Constellation Energy@geoREstore
1/21/2011 - According to the Geothermal Energy Association, the geothermal industry is seeking $5-6 billion in financing for new geothermal plants over the next two years, amounting to 1,000 MW of capacity.

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