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RENEWABLE ENERGY PROJECTS OUT FOR BID - Solar, Wind, Geothermal, Biofuel, Hydropower
Find renewable energy projects open to RFP in addition to federal grant opportunities. We provide these listings as a service to our readers and assume no responsibility for the availability, accuracy, completeness or timeliness of any of the information. If you have a RFP you would like to post, please forward project information to info@georestore.com.

Project:  Photovoltaic System Prepurchase
Location: Kentucky
Deadline: 06/21/2010
Project Description:  Provide photovoltaic panels with integral mounting frame, inverter, combiner, fuses, breakers, lightning arrestors and any required miscellaneous components. The bid document is for materials and includes time for support throughout the installation. The installation of the system components will be under a separate project. This proposal shall provide a system of 10 collectors for a total of 3,050 watts.
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Other RFP Opportunities Set to Expire
Project: Wind Energy Program
Sector: Wind
Location: California
Deadline: 04/18/2014
Project Description:  Wind project RFP in California - the State of California Department of General S ...
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Project: Solar Photovoltaic Modules
Sector: Solar
Location: Virginia
Deadline: 04/21/2014
Project Description:  Solar project RFP in Virginia - the City of Charlottesville has issued a RFP to ...
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Project: Solar Services
Sector: Solar
Location: Tennessee
Deadline: 04/24/2014
Project Description:  Solar project RFP in Tennessee - Knox County has issued a RFP for comprehensive ...
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Project: Solar Photovoltaic Systems
Sector: Solar
Location: New Hampshire
Deadline: 04/25/2014
Project Description:  Solar project RFP in New Hampshire - the City of Manchester has issued a RFP to ...
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